I am suffering from the same cracked heal problem as dod. I had a couple of really deep splits in my right heal until yesterday evening when Tan spent 10 minutes scraping off a good 6 inch piece of dead skin with a cheese grater, as the pumice stone I’d earlier tried was having no effect. It was merely wearing itself down on the prime billtong!

THe Kepler Track was pretty good, albeit really tiring. I expect Tan has told you all about the skin tight trouser with shorts over the top wearing morons who you could guarantee would always be carrying a couple of walking poles just for good measure. Quite ridiculous if you ask me, but obviously the latest walking craze. Started my german tourists no doubt! No offence Jul.


hail all, read the general mail to find all info about epic walk! about xmas, what i want is a nice pusskin waiting for me at home. either a small cute kitten of else oif you happen to be passing an animal shelter and fell like resquing a cat that would also be acceptable!!! in short, a cat!!! I will leave Jul to chose!!! good oh, as long as thats understood!!!
well, i\ll be of now. nice xmas piccy i say. That cat looks just about right – don’t worry, i will take it with me to my new abod as soon as i’ve purchased it! if it be overseas i’m sure you will give it a good home. Nice for minion to have a pal i say!

Cheers T

of on a trip on the keplar trek, on of geoffs organised walks!! he gets most exited and waves lists around for bag packing and provision buying!! it should be good providing the weather is nice. it gets pretty windy at the top so they say! by looking at the walk plan it would appear to be all up hill, but i’m sure there is some mistake!!!!!
well, i’m of to bed now and then of early in the morn. if there is anything pressing to say the good old phone is working tonight but will probably not be working for the next four days as will be in the middle of nowhere at the top of some mointain!!!!!
cheers T

PS NZ didn’t really support anyone but they were not too keen on the aussies winning! England are not too popular either in account of having a reputation for beign arrogant – due to will carling i believe!