aha! as of 11ish tonight i shall have internet at the homestead and will be able to skype and mail and stuff. the one down side to my wonder machine is that its all in japanese. better get cracking on the old language books.

another earthquake today, im getting pretty used to them but they are still mildly exciting. the prospect of some sort of horrifying disaster adds a little spice to the day.

Write off

I was doing a rudimentary clearout of the shed yesterday and came across my venerable Compaq laptop. Clunky and leaden, with its small, innovative, abrasive central nodule for navigation, it cost, as I recall, well in excess of £1000.

Billy Bunter was clearly one of those right thinking, enterprising chaps who live life for the momant and to the fullest! a visionary from whom we could all learn much.

i bought a new computer to facilitate my internet needs. after checking out the ultra cheap Eeepcs i descovered that Acer had jumped on the tiny cheap pc bandwagon and made their own. to my untutored eye i seemed vastly superior so i got it. it cost me the princely sum of 20,000 yen. 100 pounds. as i purchased it from the same place that we had got the internet i got a wopping 30,000 yen off. (150 pounds) not too shabby. and it is a rather neat little beast. www.acer.com/aspireone/

im still shaking of a tenatious cough which is sticking around dispite me drinking buckets of a drink which claims, in bold english on the side, to have the power of twelve lemons!


After a love summer of near all sunshine ( though the locals have complained bitterly – not enough 40 days for them! ) and much pool usage (yesterday the pool was quite warm!), the weather changed dramatically for the weekend. Rain yesterday, and cloud today! Most distressing. You must be sending us some of your foul weather. we are going to narbonne plage today to find the sunshine again. I was hoping for at least another month of sunshine and pooling. Figs are coming thick and fast hear – pretty delicious, but there is a limit to how many figs one can consume in a day! Well, time to get Breakfast ready. Rio and Orlo are ‘jouer voiture’ together. I can see it now. In a few months I’ll be able to sit back and relax with the latest DF while they charge around together!!!


Indeed it has been fetid weather these last two days; near constant rain and strong winds. I have taken the opportunity to go for three hour walks on both days which have been more than acceptably enjoyable.
Tomorrow however, providing that it is dry, I shall be hanging myself up on the line.