Goodbye to the homestead


Hello to the South of France


The best figs ever


Quality produce from St James’


The Pyrenees

Jacques and I had a magnificent time in the mountains, the highlight of which was to accidentally find ourselves climbing (really climbing) up La Canigou – the sacred Catalan mountain.


hail from sunny toulous!
Dod just set up the internet – no phone as of yet. Bit clousy today but swimmming pool in daily use with dod and Geoff taking their early morning dips. rio likes the pool too. dod is going to try and set up skype or something. well, we’ll put some photos’ on later. will compose a better message later. Han, thank you for the chocs and mags – am just of to enjoy a relaxing moment with them as rio is asleep.

Baron Munchausen

They all look like the same person to me, in different clothes and, presumably, beard-wigs.

I wonder what they do when they get caught in the rain, or take a shower, or swim.

Or eat, in the case of the imperial beard. Once the effect of the setting agent wears off, if I’m right in thinking it’s actually a moustache, growing entirely from his top lip, spooning food into his mouth through the hanging strands of hair must be a nightmare.


The results from the World Beard and Moustache Championships are out. Professional beard growers from around the world were attracted to this event. Here are a selection…

Willi Chevalier - Germany
One of the best crafted beards

Dieter Besuch - Germany
Precise, but up against strong competition
Elmar Weisser - Germany
impression rendition of tower bridge
Karl-Heinz Hille - Germany
Quality imperial beard

Jürgen Burkhardt - Germany
My favourite, a little like something out of Spirited Away