Much excitement today when I did my three hour course and found at the end I could happily careen across the lake, practically turning on a sixpence. Amazingly, I didn’t fall in once; so my wetsuit remained dry.

I wonder what will happen when I try my new skills out on the bane board?


A great day at the Rosebowl in Hampshire seeing the West Indies trounce Pakistan. Many thousands of Pakistan supporters blowing their trumpets continuopusly and waving banners and flags were up against a miniscule contingent of Windies enthusiasts blowing into their conch shells while equal sized portions of staid English neutrals and police and security goons to stop pitch invasions looked on. The Pakistani supporters were fantastic, real cricket enthusiasts, clapping and cheering every bit of good play from the West Indies as well as their own side and not seeming to mind one iota that the game was so one sided against them.

The day was marred by a biting cold wind, crappy car parking arrangements, and a wasp that bit me on the lip while I was eating my sandwich which necessitated a trip to the first aid tent as one entire side of my face swelled up like a balloon. I had to spend the rest of the day walking around holding my wobbly extra cheek in the palm of my hand. Horrible!

Greetings all,

What say ye to going skiing next March. I’ve found the folowing easyjet flights:
Depart Gatwick-Geneva Tues 1st March midday or 15.40pm: £11.99
Return Geneva-Gatwick Wed 9th March 7am: £8.99

This would give us 7 days worth of skiing!

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If anyone sees my hair like that again (see photo below), feel free to pin me down, extract a razor and shav it all off. And…. remind me that it was on my request!!