on a stick

Seems that the philosophy of that restaurant was, “if it’s not on a stick, it’s not worth having!”

Back at the homestead, things continue much as normal. My strained rib has returned after i sneezed having carelessly failed to perform pre-emptive muscle tensing. And now, every time I cough or sneeze, it feels like a ninja is stamping on my ribs with his wooden shoes! I’m hoping that it will clear before the hay fever season…

Yakisoba noodles are to be recommended, if you pass a Wagamama’s out there;-)

had a really tasty meal yesterday. i had spent the day with a chap called sam in a cafe chatting and trying to write a covering letter for my job applications. strolling home i smelled a rather tasty smell coming from one of the many lantern emblazoned places that line the road. deciding that, nothing ventured nothing gained, we entered. inside was a rather cosy restaurant filled with japanese. a beaming old woman showered us to a table chattering lightly in japanese. i understood nothing. we sat and checked out the menu. all in japanese. this was a problem. the woman appeared. “beeru?” she inquired. “beeru!” we agreed. and she sidled of and returned with a bottle of beer roughly the same size as her. the next part was quite tricky involving much miming and gesticulation as we tried to get across that we wanted whatever it was that had smelt so tasty. in the end i just pointed at some meat on a stick that some guy was eating. receiving these we found them to be utterly delicious. feeling like a bit of a cretin i realized that i had a phrase book on me and pulling it out was able to order with much more competency, more chicken on a stick (yakatori) and rice (riasu), they also had complimentary square wafers of seaweed. which despite my early misgivings i have found to be pretty tasty. clearly taking pity on out ineptitude they gave us some free chicken skin on a stick and pork balls on a stick. all rather pleasant and jolly.

fired of a few job applications today. i have an interview in about a week i believe although i may be wrong.

a moment to myself

cor blimey – I just wrote a long blog and it wouldn’t post – I managed to lose it so as my spare moment to myself is running out I’ll give you the gist. Rio and Orlando doing well. Orlando is sleeping – he’s more a night bird really, waking up around 11ish for a larg part until the small hours. I’ve taken to coming out into the sitting room and watching late night tv! Rio is active as ever – Geoff is in charge of rio sleeping now. We are trying to knock the night waking on the head – two sets of wake up calls during the night is too much for anyone. Rio is kicking a little at not having maman but is coming to terms with the fact that he gets papa or nothing.

Jul – you seem to have got it wrong again. Jumping streight in to frolicking with the local fauna when you should be teaching the populace their ABC. Plenty of time for partying when the coffers are nice and full with money pooring in at least as fast as it’s pooring out surely?!?
What’s your address? Ours is 5 Avenue Leo Ferre, 31570 Sainte Foy d’Aigrefeuille, France

Liv and Han – hope you both had/have nice birthdays – sorry about the late prezzies and no cards. Due to not having many moments to myself! hope you like the prezzies when they arrive – they will be addressed to me.


Happy Birthday Tyrrel’s

Well Happy Birthday Liv – enjoy your fish ‘n’ chips tonight. Welcome to the 28 year olds club.
WARNING: You may experience loss of hair, increased appetite and weight gain.

And Happy Birthday Orlando Tyrrel. Welcome to this planet – enjoy your stay.
Congratulations to Tan and Geoff and a special mention to Dr Michelle Brockbank for her medical expertise during the birth.


Dod gave me Carcassonne which looks good and will hopefully rank alongside Ticket to Ride, so arigato Dod, Ma and Jul!