A gem, a passable and a dud

My three favourite musicians each released a new LP (or should I say album) recently. I refer to Mike Oldfield, John Cale and Brian Eno. The Oldfield double CD is okay, perfectly listenable, and a number one choice for having on in the background without it being necessary to stop whatever you’re doing to listen more closely. The first half is better than the slightly techno second. A bit too much of it is made up of snatches of better stuff from the past. Cale’s latest has its moments, but it’s a fairly typical offering, with some jaw dropping classics mixed in with a few total clangers. It definitely needs pruning down to half its original size. At any rate, it’s not a patch on his earlier work; although, I have to admit, I’ve listened to it much less often than the others, and it may grow on me yet. Eno, however, with his first vocal offering for many, many years, has come up with an absolute stunner. As the proud owner of the Eno vocal box set, comprising Here Come the Warm Jets, Taking Tiger Mountain by Strategy, Another Green World, and Before and after Science, I feel I must know what I’m talking about. Staggering, chocolate melting melodies and bizarrely beautiful lyrics make this my release of the year.


This chord
This water
This son
This daughter
This day
This time
This land
It’s all mine

This Calling Bell
This Forge Bell
This Dark Bell
This The Knife Bell
This calling
This burden
This falling
The world’s turning

This What I thought I knew
This What I thought was true
This I understood
This In the deep wood
This Ah there I stood a child so fair
This On a certain square
This Down the dirty stairs
This To see the table set
This With golden chairs
This Ah to follow, follow, follow, follow there

This race
And this world
This feeling
And this girl
This revolver
This fire
This I’ll hold it up higher, higher, high

go team

indeed. go team!

Visiting the Angmering Football ground again, and being selected as sub and running the line again brought back memories of last year where i ran the line for the whole game… fortunately, i was brought on – to near instant effect;-) – and put in a ok performance. hopefully i’ll make the starting 11 at sme point.

Great Sporting Achievements

After the previous epic sporting achievments of Liv and Tom – the epic bowling of Liv backed up by solid catching from Tom on the cricket field – the unstoppable team has teamed up again. This time Liv providing a pin-point cross for Tom to turn on and whack into the net on the football pitch. GO TEAM!

Greetings fellow bloggers!

Yippeeeee! It is half term and I only have 24 lessons, 6 grammar sheets and a bundle of starter activities to prepare.
I’m buying my new lap-top today, which is very exciting! Tomorrow I’m going to watch a Scottish Folk music band – a varied weekend to say the least.
Well that’s about all my news for now. I’ll keep you all posted about the delights of the Scottish Folk band.