Yes Minister

According to the BBC:

On Planet Greece some civil servants get a bonus for turning up to work on time. Foresters get a bonus for working outdoors. At least they show up.

There are civil servants called ghost workers because they never go into the office, head to a second job and still claim a state salary. They can’t get sacked, because a civil service post is for life. Unless the incumbent decides to retire in his or her forties, with a pension.

And the government can continue paying for the afterlife. Unmarried and divorced daughters of civil servants are entitled to collect their dead parents pensions. Another lucrative sinecure is to belong to a state committee. The government has no idea how many there are.

It has been estimated that they have 10,000 employees and cost nearly £200m a year, and that includes the committee to manage a lake that dried up 80 years ago.

Last night as I was about to engage in a…

Last night as I was about to engage in a prolonged snuggle with my beloved I got a call from my old work, they had called the police and were unable to handle a mental health patient who was weilding a knife and marching round the property.

How, you may ask did I use my quite literally several years experience to ahem, “de-escalate” the situation?

Answer… I promised not to move his favourite chair in the kitchen inflatable combo , correctly identified it as the one on the back left of the table, describing in detail the small brown mark on the top at the back and again, promised not to move it. Inflatable Boat

Job done.

Just another ordinary day in the ordinary life of an underpaid mental health bank support worker/ community recovery worker/ community well being bank worker…

It’s a tough job, but somebo… (you know the rest)

  1. sounds like… um, fun?;-)

  2. pinkie

    Wow! Well done Tom.

Shed construction

In the beginning:

CIMG0195 (Custom).JPG


CIMG0202 (Custom).JPG

Stop for triple coffee:

CIMG0199 (Custom).JPG

The end of the truckle:

CIMG0200 (Custom).JPG

Fried rind:

CIMG0204 (Custom).JPG


CIMG0223 (Custom).JPG

Polystyrene tower destined for tip:

CIMG0225 (Custom).JPG

Six stare wood store added:

CIMG0229 (Custom).JPG

Breakfast the day after: toast, butter and marmalade:

CIMG0228 (Custom).JPG

Alternative breakfast: buckwheat groats.

CIMG0227 (Custom).JPG

  1. carotte

    Great shed – what a neat wood store!! Mama’s work? I can only assume that the alternative brekkie is being taken for health reasons – we prefer pancakes here. One with ‘uptella’, one with honey and one with lemon and sugar!!

Stating the obvious

Robert Preston says:

“Airline executives and engineers want to know why they can’t be given permission to fly at 20,000 feet, below the ash cloud, till the cloud clears.”


  1. is it because 20,000 feet below a 20,000ft high ash cloud is technically not considered “flying”

  2. For a thorough grounding in comma usage, I recommend: “Eats, shoots and leaves.”