In the Philipines there is a prison where 1,600 prisoners are rehabilitated partly through dance. Here is 1,600 Philipino prisoners’ version of Thriller. And they’re actually quite good…


Having been rudely awoken by my dear mother, demanding that I clamber into the attic in my comatose state and fetch her her hearts desires, I grunted and zombied my way up the ladder.

Having fetched several tents, water carriers, wind break, roll up mats etc., I suddenly spied my dearly beloved golf clubs! Hazzah!

Now we can play golf day or night and I can’t moan about the crappy clubs I can’t play with. I threw most of them out but retained my sw, 9I and putter.

I feel a sub 30 round coming on…

Make it so…

Han and I went to see “the foremost Shakespearian actor of our generation” and legendary Star Trek actor, Patrick Stewart in The Twelfth Night and the Festival Theatre on Thursday

Not a bad play, but not great either and I’m now heartily sick of Shakespeare’s comedies having seen The Merchant of Venice at the Globe recently.


Mmm… LTJ sandwiches for breakfast again today. With the late night three way computer sessions, the crud playing and the sandwiches… the LTJ revival continues! Haza!

yep, those are the ones! i might be able to get them cheaper second hand though.

Hey Jul!

From Play.com– is that the right boxing game?

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