Chillum is a foul clay pipe like thing which is used for smoking anything you can think of, but usualy ilegal substances.

I repeatedly tolf Dod and Mama that gokarn is a helhole full of simpering.aging hippies who have ‘found themselves’ (i.e dossing) and natives trying to ingratiate themselves and copy the hippies-all of then chanting ‘namaste’ form sun up to sun down.

The town was a pit of decrepitude and filth (though most town in india are dirty, it seemdd like nice dirt in ohter placed). the beach leading out of the town is also dirty and the sea not much to write home about-all in all a place to be avoided at all cost.

Palolem on the other hand is a haven of peace and tranquility with a crescent of golden sand and crystal blue sea-bliss.

Hope you enjot hampi-we did. though a little hot we enjoyed walking round the many miles of ruins and eating mangoes. Riner (a germand we were travelling with) swam in the river, but i wouldn’t recomment it!

Are the corracles still 10 rupees each? or did the bus drop you at the correct drop of pont!

Try out the mango cafe, under a huge mango tree by the river.

Aftre much debating the wedding has been planned for the 06/03/06 (sorry pinky-i know you have got the 18th april off-maybe keep that as a shopping day!) granny is possibly coming down to richards in the car and then getting driven over by richard (he has said he will find something to do as he doesn’t want to intrude but i’ve told granny he is welcome if he wants to come) and then back up, so she will come donw for the day, having visited rosemary on the way down. as to the others, bills is flying back from south america just for the pleasure of 10 mins in a reg. office!!!! and the rest of the gibbs clan will be charging down en mass (mostly staying at hotels due to the elderly contingency) i of course told granny she would be mroe that welcome to stay either with us or at the homestead but she feel she should come for the day.

I am going to have a dress made (hopefully by gill) to go over the expanding tum (non of mine fit) we will look in c&a fabric at the weekend.

Are you getting back on the friday night at 12am? if so then we can pick you up no probs.

Well, enjoy hampi-see you soon

Gokarna or Gokarn

Google tells me that those two names seem to be used more or less interchangably for the town called Gorkan, the place with Ohm beach. At least, according to a couple of maps I looked at. There is a place call Gokarna, but it’s in north-east india, rather close to Bangladesh…

Pliskin and I popped down to the witterings yesterday after various forcasts promised great waves, but there was nothing higher than a couple of inches… most dispointing! I think it was something to do with the moon.

What is chillum?


Firstly, Gokarna is not in Goa- I thought you were in Goa.

Secondly, despite Geoff and Tan telling us Gokarna was awful and you calling it hell… we are in GOkarna! We have been for a week and are loving it. The town is not great but Om beach is cool, chilled and tropical beach paradise as far as we are concerned. We spend all day Brockbank style – i.e. in hammocks reading then having the occasional swim and meal. We must have missed you – what’s wrong with this place anyway (apart from the infinite amount of Israelies with chillum)?

Geoff’s Rock

Well, we’re in Palolem at last, having finally expunged ourselves of the hell that was Gokarn: a place that may be the stepping stone to nirvana for Hindus and fellow spiritual travellers but to me seemed loathsome.

We’re staying at Premier Cabana, Hut 11, in case fellow blog readers (ie, Slightly) should be in the locality. We may move on to Agonda, but Palolem is good for a day or two.

This internet cafe is selling 3 tickets for the ODI. 400 rupee tickets for 1000 rupees. About fifteen quid. I’ll probably just watch it on a shack telly.

I’ll wear a suit. I have a white one in store that needs an outing. No tie, though. I trust a black teeshirt will be acceptable.

That rock Geoff dived off. If it’s the one I think it is, he’s lucky to be alive!

Wedding finally Booked

Ok so here are the details for the big day:

Saturday 6th May @ 12.30pm 

Chichester Registry Office (North Street, Chi)

Dod to wear shirt and tie as a minimum requirement. Only joking…

The New Statesman

Pinkie and I are thinking of going to see the new statesman in Brighton. Not sure which showing yet, but if anyone else wants to go let me know.

Pliskin and I played footy today. We lost of course, but we did play well. having only 9 men, we played Dom in defence and I held things together with some weak defending at left-back. The final score was 3-2, our first goal was a quality long range effort from sulley and an epic looping header from Pliskin leveled things at 2 all. Unfortunately, Andy managed to dive over a sharply taken chance from the opposition with 3 mins to go. Still, at least we played well.