Locked in a sauna with fleas

Lest it be supposed that the photos of Seychelles suggest a paradisaical realm, I feel duty bound to point out that during a period of nearly five weeks I never once felt any sense of bodily comfort unless I was either:

1. In the shower, or
2. In the sea

At all other times, I was in a state of feverish humidity. The heat was so intense, my shirt was so wet I could have wrung it out, my skin leaked from every pore, I stank of sodden baby nappy, and wherever I was, in any moment of repose, it seemed I was being bitten.

At ‘Magnificat’ – Mamie’s abode – her glorious garden cultivates mosquitoes amongst the flowers, which makes it impossible to sit anywhere, least of all in the shade, without burning coils of cough inducing repellent; and even then, with the slightest breeze, the protection is minimal.

On the beach, sitting for more than a moment brings out swarms of sand flies, whose bite is just as noxious as that of the mosquitoes.

When I die, if I go to Paradise, I might easily mistake it for Hell, unless it has a reasonable temperature – say, mid to high twenties – a dryish atmosphere, a complete absence of biting insects, and also, a reasonably well stocked shop selling half decent cheese.

Not so grey days

Anti mosquito bonfire

CIMG2420 (Medium).JPG

Road to Anse Lazio

CIMG2426 (Medium).JPG

Eating fruit

CIMG2433 (Medium).JPG


CIMG2436 (Medium).JPG

Dubious tortoise

CIMG2438 (Medium).JPG

Anse Possession

CIMG2441 (Medium).JPG

Baked breadfruit

CIMG2443 (Medium).JPG

New dress

DSCF3030 (Medium).JPG


PICT3866 (Medium).JPG

Picnic at Cote D’or

PICT3869 (Medium).JPG

Micky at the Grotte

PICT3878 (Medium).JPG

New Year

PICT3880 (Medium).JPG

Mamie and her gardener

PICT3882 (Medium).JPG

Grande Anse

PICT3883 (Medium).JPG

Mamie and Michou

PICT3884 (Medium).JPG

Smug shot

PICT3885 (Medium).JPG

Outdoor kitchen

CIMG2451 (Medium).JPG

Carongue steaks

CIMG2452 (Medium).JPG

Lisa at home

PICT3873 (Medium).JPG

  1. excellent selection of pics:-)

  2. pinkie

    Lovely photos. Wish I could feel the warmth. Fed up of grey, cold days!