But which book?

Which Tintin book will be filmed? That’s the question. I’d recommend Flight 714 or the Land of Black Gold.

Hmmm… not sure about badminton… how many games do you get for 5 English pounds and how many are with a bunch of duffers?

You missed out on a cracking game of footy yesterday: 6 a side and really competitive.


Maybe this is fairly exciting and maybe it’s a disaster waiting to happen but Spielberg and Peter Jackson are making a trilogy of Tintin films together. They’re going to use motion capture – so in effect it will be real people made to look like a cartoon.

Also, Dod and Liv: I have been to badminton club on Mondays three times in a row and found it to be most excellent. Waiting times are almost nothing whereas excitement levels are pretty high. Fairly steap at £5 a time though. And anyway Dodman, I assume from you diagram that you have severed you two in twain.

Welcommen nach England

Jul, welcome back to Blighty. I’m sure that you saw absolutely nothing of the UK from the air as you flew in due to the extreme cloud. We have been saving the crappy weather for you for some time now. April was on average 1c warmer than any other April in recorded history and we only 6% of the normal rainfall in the south east (which is suprises me since I’m sure we had none).

Now you’re back though we will be using our quota of grey, damp, miserable crap in one big clump of depression.

Oh, and I am around in the day at the moment for a little while before I start my new job at some time in the next couple of weeks. Mayhaps it shall clear up and dry up suficiently for a crud duel.