Just like old times

You still have milk delivered in pint bottles with foil tops? I thought that was against EU regulations?

In the good old days, when fish and chips came wrapped in last week’s ink stained newsprint and ten bob notes lasted till next Wednesday, many’s the early morning, after a hard night’s partying, listening in a stoned daze to all four sides of Umma Gumma played extra loud on a distorted gramophone, we crept unseen up garden paths to steal refreshing pints of Gold Top from unsuspecting neighbours to drink for our breakfasts.


OK. Piece of piddle… But it made Sasha confused.

If I have five chaffinces all called Steve and Dave is my uncle’s window cleaner. How many bottles of milk do the bluetits hack the lid off?

Mmm, mmm, answer me that one then!!!!


OK. I just made up this riddle – having been to see my grandparents over bank holiday I guess I must have been inspired by that.

A man has no cousins. His grandparents have four children and eight grandchildren. How is this possible?

First one to get the right answer wins the momentary respect of the other bloggers.

not having a clue i imputed the data intirely at random and got 5 points. woohoo.