festive photos


Just a few festive photos from the festive period…

granny and mama on the beach

Dod trying out jul’s blades

such speed

taking a breather


Tuesday 1st March Flight 972, Departs Gatwick at 12pm arrives Geneva 14.35pm

Wednesday 9th March Flight 969, Departs Geneva 7.00am arrives Gatwick 7.35am

Christmas songs chav style

On the 12th day of Christmas my true love sent to me… >12 Chavvers chavving >11 prammers pushing >10 lads joy-riding >9 ladies drinking >8 midriffs showing >7 scallies stealing >6 teens a-laying >5 gold rings >4 stolen phones >3 navel studs >2 tracksuit tops >……..and a pikey in burberry