the evidence of jul’s mallet indicates that he loves to hit the ball with the lower edge of the head. possibly to add more spin.

on the livster designs front, the Stanland website is pretty much complete. Warwick is getting there.

Work starts on tuesday. much excitement and i now have a large collection of shirts to wear. the as yet unnamed car is rearing to go.


Tan’s croquet set arrived. The sound of mallet on ball was marvellous to hear again. I started well, winning the first game easily, then gradually deteriorated, until it seemed I could no longer strike anything cleanly. Or, rather, I could strike it okay, but it didn’t go where I expected. I put this down to devious ‘burrows’, heavy dew on the grass, and constant verbal sniping from lesser players capitalising on my momentary lapse. So far as I’m concerned, the scatter pattern on the mallet faces tells it like it is.

i was not invited…
in related news troy could have been so much better, but it was not bad.