had a delightlful meal last night of bread, french cheese and sosi… saucisson! absolutely scrumptious. Mayumi is still in desbelief that it tastes so good in comparison to the bilge cheese we get here. she says thank you all so much for the nice gifts!

  1. Presumably they taste all the better for being rare commodities? I remember Mamie snaffling a small Brie triangle we had saved from the plane and using slivers of it to ‘arrange’ her mouth on several successive evenings.

Leaf card

Mama made this card for Liv and Hannah’s new house out of a large leaf that had been used to wrap the rectangle of bean paste given her by Jul.

It was an amazingly neat package, daintily tied with ribbon; and I think the leaf deserves its third incarnation.


  1. ’tis most appreciated:-)

    1. wow! thats fantastic mama!

  2. pinkie

    I love the little clothes hanging on the line. Very sweet! Thank you.

Chop chop


  1. I keep trying to insert a video; but it doesn’t show up.

    1. send me the link and i’ll have a go

  2. No link – the video was mine – I uploaded it into my ‘gallery’.

    1. unfortunately the blog isn’t as sophisticated as youtube or picasa, so you can’t upload and embed videos.

  3. looks like some tasty eats:-D

  4. good stuff! glad to see the bowls in use! 🙂

  5. The bowls are being used every time we eat anything that chop sticks can handle. We don’t seem to be able to stick to the one bowl only part, though.