well, why not not eh? who could not enjoy the experience of an unside-downy rollercoaster! I’m in. lets set a date.

Thorpe Park

Just been looking at Thorpe Park website. Check it out! I recommend that we all descend on mass. £15 if you book online and there appears to be several hoards of quality rides. Unsidedowny roller coasters and all that. Wahey! What dya reckon?
PS Dodman, I realise that this is several miles beneath your intellectual ability, do not feel obliged

Well hello all – just resting at the homestead while geoff plays football. Things going well at melbourne road – all done now apart from the spare room floor….and the bathroom!! unfortunatly the last perosn to plaster the walls did a less than perfect job and as we have taken the wall paper of the -plaster is crumbling under our fingers – geoff is going to attempt to plaster the hole (about one third of bathroom) himself – considering he can barely find his own pants in the morning, let alone do anything more complex than hammering a nail in (even this he finds taxing as they generaly go in wonky) he might have a bit of trouble with the plaster – I have decided to leave him to it and do a spot of gardening while the weather holds!! having said that he did manage by some miracle

Genesis of Dryman

I feel I should explain to my many readers at home and abroad the reason I took so long to get in the sea, thereby having “The Dryman” appellation bestowed upon me for posterity . This was because my beach attire, once I had taken my torn, faded shorts off, consisted of a less than natty pair of ‘pouch’ style underpants, frayed at the edges and worn so thin they were to all intents and purposes see through. The prospect of cavorting in these skimpy shrargs in front of a half dozen freshly made aquaintances, all wearing the latest cut and fabric with designer labels prominantly displayed, was too hideous to contemplate. Of course, when I did eventually get in the water, when everyone’s attention was taken by a nearby jellyfish, I had to stay in for an inordinate length of time because coming out was even more fraught with potential embarassment. As anyone who has ever worn this particular breed of undergarment in the water knows, it behaves like cling film when wet!

I must put on record, though, that I had three pairs of pouch underpants left over from the 80’s or 90’s, or whenever it was that blokes tended to wear such repulsive things, which I took to Spain to use instead of swimming trunks (the general idea being that instead of having a tan that stopped mid thigh I would have one that went a bit higher). Two pairs were in tolerable condition and could at a reasonable distance have passed for “Speedo” swimming costumes as sported by ageing French lotharios and younger East Europeans; the other was as threadbare as an old church tapestry. It was just my bad luck that on the day in question the more presentable ones were wet.

Well I’m halfway through…

… my first week of PGCE training and there is SO much to do that I’m going to have to consolidate all the little bits of paper into one list so I don’t forget to do anything vital. Apart from hideous amounts of paperwork the main hardship I am encountering is trying not to throw up. I have managed to catch the infamous stomach trouble, experienced by so many of my fellow bloggers. I’d like to thank them all for their generosity, for this bug is truly humbling and I am eternally (or should I say internally?) grateful… not.
On a lighter note, I am pleased to say that I have managed to secure a good state school for my placement, even though it means leaving home for a while and travelling across waters to the beautiful Isle of Wight. The last time I was there I was about 6 and had a super time, so I hope I still feel same about the place when I return to the mainland mid December.
This year is going to be tough, but I’m sure it will be worth it in the end. I’ll keep you all posted!