hail, no work again!
Am just checking out the options of working in chi/worthing as receptionist – there are actually some good options, but some need experience. otherwise I’ll be doing data entry down here for four weeks!!! Oh well, whatever comes in today I reckon. and no word from the body shop, curse them.

broadband sound sgood! you should get jul to pay online rent! that would cut his screentime down i bet!

hail all.
I like this job – I het payed for 8.30 – 5 but useually leave around 3-4!!! can’t say fairer than that. rainy/sun here but not cold. much pain in every muscle after the beach-especially as nikki and i have started running. We do 50mins every day. feeling fitter already!! Must continue when i get back. dod, did you sen dof my application for the bodyshop? what about all the others? i thought you were goin to send them up with liv?? well, see you all on fri

indeed, ’twas most pleasent. one bit of amusement was despoiling Rich in Advance Wars, with a crack team of my finest ninjas capturing his HQ.

i managed to stand up a few times surfing which was classy, and i enjoyed the dune jumping thought i have lost the use of my right leg since then. also Ed forged a most tasty BBQ feast which we gorged ourselves on.

surfin’ gower-style

Had a jolly weekend with the Gibbs’.

The surf wasn’t great but we managed to catch a few waves on sat early pm. It was worth all the waiting in the water for ages just to catch those few tho. wetsuits held up to the cold well, despite being rather thin.

The dune jumping was good tho, we found several quality leaping points and most probably sprained several muscles and tore a couple of ligaments! all my muscles are sore at the moment and with the addition of sunburn, i’m pretty much in 100% pain.

To add to the excitement somebody (probably jul) left the tape deck on in my car running the battery completely flat. We couldn’t even push start it! I was preparing to call GEM (my dodgy breakdown people) when along came the night in shining armour that was pliskin’s dad and a neighbor complete with numerous jumpleads.

After a incorrect identification of the positive terminal, we manage to get it started and we set off back home – keeping to revs high to avoid stalling…

I might write a letter to the design team of vauxhall and complain.


We have our new broadband service up and running – or I do, though the other poor saps are still on dial up. So, in theory, the phone line should be always free, or it will be when Jul hooks up to my computer, which depends on Liv coming up with the ‘knowledge’.

I find I still get twitchy wondering if anyone is trying to phone and justifying still being online. I’ve already got used to the speed, though, which seems almost as slow as before!