dear god! how stressful was that! some shocking batting and some brilliant bowling from warne and lee, meant it was down to hoggsey and the king of spain to hit the winning runs. epic stress, but great to take the lead in the series!

on the bowling front i got a record score (for me) of 149. good fun.

Wow! Liv, Geoff and myself did a pretty good impression of some footballers today. Fooled the opposition and ourselves. Obviously we lost 4-2 but only because are ‘keaper developed a phobia of footballs in the last 10 minutes.


I’m back from Canada – well, I’ve actually been back for a couple of weeks now but haven’t got round to putting an entry on blog… not because I haven’t wanted to, but I’ve been snowed under with study er… episodes of Scrubs. In all seriousness I better get down to some study asap.
Anyway, interesting anecdotes from Canada… where shall I begin? Oh yes, Chipmunks and Red Squirrel rivalry. It so happens that these two groups of fluffy rodents dislike each other intently and like nothing more than to stage their beady eyed attacks on each other in the porchway of unsuspecting camper’s tents. They also have a canny knack of lining their sweet little botties over one’s sandals and relieving themselves.
No moose spotted even though there are allegedly 120,000 moose on Newfoundland alone and unfortunately no bears. However, I did managed to find a Canadian outdoors store which sold Bear Bells WITH magnetic silencers – presents for everyone- just incase one encounters a bear whilst doing recycling in the village.
Once out of the wilderness we did spend a night in luxury accommodation… the student halls of residence at the University of Halifax. Very nice too, cleans towels, a bed and the best night’s sleep in 10 days. It also gave us a chance to stay and enjoy the annual Buskers Festival on the Harbour where we met and listened to a number of mega awesome musicians. Good fun overall.
Lots of other things happened too, but I can’t think of them at the moment – oh well, I’ll save them for future installments on Blog!
Perhaps I should also mention Decoy’s stunning bowling performance, but maybe I shouldn’t steal his thunder!
Well, it is back to the grindstone for me now. I’m planning on being very organised next term and have made sure I have filled my academic diary with all the important dates for the next few months… Freshers Week Toga Party etc. Let’s hope I can maintain this organisation – I’ve heard that it is integral to teaching!

cricket again

ok, i think i have figured out how to play clarke and warne. 232/6 with tresco 108 n/o. i shall try again!

and he wins at last! with one ball and one wicket to spare!