The Crimson Petal and the White

This exquisitely written, searingly graphic, often hilarious but fundamentally flawed portrayal of life and loves in Regency London, I had looked forward to reading for months. I would take it out of my bookshelf and sniff the pristine pages. It was a beautifully produced volume.

It proved to be a massive disappointment. (Con’t,


Dear Geoff and Tan

Bloody hell, are you married now then? You must be (and therefore by extension we must all be (Liv, Jul, Sasha, Hannah, myself) getting very old and serious and maybe even responsible. Oh well, as long as we can still have fun I think it will be tolerable. Gosh ,it so nearly could have been us, but here we are in India and instead it’s you married with a little one coming. We wish you both good luck and happiness together (just like everyone else keeps saying) and congratulations! We look forward to seeing the little ginger blighter when we return in February (and the baby too Tan. Aha ha).

With love from Tom and Sasha