The flat pack arrives:

CIMG0562 (Custom).JPG

Wood piled up in the sitting room:CIMG0563 (Custom).JPG

We get started:

CIMG0566 (Custom).JPG

We carry on:

CIMG0567 (Custom).JPG

We add the roof beams:

CIMG0569 (Custom).JPG

Covered up for the rain:

CIMG0571 (Custom).JPG

Adding roof boards and insulation:

CIMG0577 (Custom).JPG

  1. pinkie

    Oh wow! It’s really nice. Do you have to stain the timber? It is going to be really cosy…. where’s the clock?

    1. The clock sits on a small apex that is supposed to go on the roof but I’m not sure we’re going to bother with it.

  2. Impressive toil! Can’t believe you managed all the assembly with just the two of you!

    1. Also, I am available sunday for tiling if required.

  3. The ‘shingles’ for the roof are waiting for someone light and agile to clamber around on top of the shiny insulation boards without crushing them …

  4. carotte

    not liv or me then!! Jul is the one – I wondered why mama was being cagey about m helping with the roof – waiting for Jl she said – waiting for someone lighter more like!! Looks very nice – the perfect spot for it, I’m sure you’ll agree 🙂 Just eaten five figs from the tree and off for a plung in the pool – up to 35 degrees today – cor….

    1. What we’re really waiting for is dry weather. Enjoy your 35 degrees because it’s less than half that here and we haven’t seen the sun for a week!

  5. carotte

    38 here again today – melting inside. Holed up like rabbits with trips to the pool – cor, insane heat…. looking forward to some rain and wet!!

    1. pinkie

      But not at the wedding!

  6. carotte

    no indeed!