Pyramid power

The reason your camera broke is clearly because the force field of the Golden Mean was resonating too strongly for its puny circuit board. I used to sharpen my razor blades under a six inch formica model of a pyramid and I’ve heard tell of many other such wondrous phenomena.

Sunny paris and beards

I shall avoid the political discussion. I may have to protest vote for any monster raving loony parties that there might be.

Back from a jolly long weekend in Paris with H. Actually it fairly overcast and drizzly and was only really sunny on the last day. We had a good time though and managed to see most of the main sites. Sacre-Coeur, Eiffel tower, Champs Elise, etc

The hotel we stayed in was rather plush and the buffet breakfast a bit of a highlight – of course, we ate as much as we could;-) At 50§ a course, we steered clear of the hotel restaurant and instead frequented rather disappointing cheaper ones.

It was only marred by my camera breaking whilst we were photographing the Louvre’s Pyramid – hopefully I haven’t lost all the photos.

Also, I’m growing a goatee again. Some may think that I’m copying Solid and Jacques, they forget that Slightly and I were growing them back in the nineties!


Most folks just bore me
Always imposing
I’d rather meet a tree
Somewhere out in the cornfield

So said George Harrison, as sung by Ringo Starr.

For trees, see Kew; an amazing array. Not many ‘folk’ around, yesterday; but an astonishing collection of benches, all dedicated to those who enjoyed Kew while on earth. I particularly liked one which said:

In fond memory of Gabriel Throgmorton who loved and visited these gardens throughout her life; and for Wilfred Throgmorton, who didn’t.

Hee haw

A team of donkeys could have done as well; although that’s being unfair to donkeys.

On a lighter note, it’s clearly time for a repeat visit to Kew Gardens, taking in Ham Manor, en route to Heathrow. The azeleas should be in full bloom.

Chill out dude. The countries is OK man. Not fantastic, not terrible but fine actually. No hideous recessions, strikes etc. – we didn’t like that dreadful war business though. People are just going about their business, lots of jobs, minumum wage above £5, NHS and schools getting properly funded and slowly better etc. While there are lots of instances of things we might not like, surely it must be said that overall things are not that bad at all actually. Hence an inevitable and “historic” third term. And why not I say. I don’t expect miracles.

Safe hands? About as safe as KC in the outfield. It’s sad how Tony Blair, who promised so much, should have failed so dismally to deliver anything of substance. His only half decent minister, Frank Field, was sacked for telling the truth. As for Gordon Brown, his Inland Revenue property fiasco (selling their vast freeholds to a company resident in the Bahamas for tax avoidance purposes and leasing them back for peanuts, thereby compounding a prodigious net loss several years hence), speaks volumes about his principles. Not that the Tories would be any better. A plague on both their houses, I say.