Nice view

Check out the view from J & M’s apartment in La Reunion:

  1. Kinda looks like it’s been painted on. Epic!

  2. Wallpaper, apparently.

  3. carotte

    What!! I was fooled by that for a moment!! The I remembered they lived in town don’t they??

  4. carotte

    Snow has gone here now, and we are having some sunny days!!

Palsied hips

As readers may know, ever since my last Blencathra experience, my hip joint hasn’t been what it once was. I’m currently engaged in remedial stretching exercises that should ultimately allow me to ‘rest’ in this elegant position for minutes on end:

Epic drama

Settling down with Maza to watch ‘Our Mutual Friend’, we were somewhat surprised to find it ended sooner than expected, with some very unfinished business. We assumed it must be a new style of production, leaving most of the story to the imagination, as things seemed to happen with very little warning – until I checked the back of the box, and found what had taken us less than three hours to watch should have gone on for at least six. After fiddling around on the trusty laptop, and still finding only one episode on each disc, I donned my Arctic suit and scurried up into the attic. Lo and behold, if I sat through the closing credits of Episode One, and then meditated for a minute, Episode Two appeared. Similarly, with Episodes Three and Four, on the other disc. Instead of doing that, we had switched discs as soon as the credits for Episode One began, and had gone straight into Episode Three, the conclusion of which (that is to say, the credit rolling we should have sat through, which would have led to Episode Four) was so unsatisfactory.

So, tomorrow, we will have to watch Episode Two, to find out why Episode Three was all over the place, closely followed by Episode Four, which should wrap up some unresolved issues.

Checking the reviews over at Amazon, a few people complained about missing episodes and the abruptness of the ‘ending’.