Postcards from Goa

Beach Babe


No gears. dodgy saddles

Beach Bloke


Premier Cabanas Beach Huts (Number 11, up the steps and second along on the right).

Resting in the shade


Number 11 (with me sitting on the verandah)

Oh Canada!

Hey there people, I’m back from Canada after spending an interesting Easter in Nova Scotia. One of the highlights was a crazily bumpy tractor ride into the sugar maple tree forest in search of a sugar shack. We bounced our way into the forest which appeared to be bound up in a maze of blue tubing (which we later found out was the latest way of gathering maple syrup). However, the local bears are fond of the latest technological trend and have started to bite through the tubing to suck the sweet syrup out – a sort of sugary popsicle in the winter months. Having been transported miles into the forest by the sugar collectors, one felt obliged to buy some maple syrup.

I also saw loads of Ice Hockey, which is a fantastic and sometimes quite brutal sport. At the Atlantic Finals, Gran spent most of her time wincing everytime players skated and crashed into the barrier, whereas I cheered and swigged back the Root Beer with the rest of ’em! Bring it on! Ohhh what a feeling! What a rush! Boom, boom, boom. The music was rocking too.

Also ate too many pancakes, Crackerjacks, Mr Big’s and Oh Henry! bars.

School starts again soon, so it is time to focus on planning and job applications. I’ve bought all the special 120gm Laid brilliant white paper as you do, so let us hope it gives me the edge!

Cheerio for now!

rampant sv

Played in the last game of the season yesterday, resulting in a stonking 14-0 win. I, needless to say, didn’t score any goals (I was in defence). The opposition were pretty shocking and i think are bottom of the league.

And so the debate on the charms of Garkarn(a) rolls on. Is it a “helhole full of simpering, aging hippies” or a “tropical beach paradise”? Jul will have to cast the deciding vote if he ventures that way on his travels.

Am still punishing myself by forcing myself to stay in the hell which is Gokarna. Worst of all is body surfing in the sea – catching the waves like body boarding but just with my body and playing “dive and catch” while there is a gap in the waves. The beautiful secluded beach with the good food and 100r per night accomodation is very difficult to stomach too…

Am going to buy train ticket to Delhi if possible today and leave in about a week.