So i was walking accross London Bridge this morning…

  1. it was a bit strange. hardly anyone was batting a eyelid. commuters seem to have a zombie-like autopilot – it takes a lot to divert them.

    found a pic someone else took on twitter. the swarve gentleman wtih the attache case below is me reaching for my phone…

    1. carotte

      Cor – the rat race at it’s zombiest!!
      Looking at those legs, I would have said “man in pig mask”

  2. pinkie

    That is squeally funny! As for the twit picture… looking good dude!

    1. Is that your new suit?


Here are some pictures that have been hanging around for ages!

Snow on our roof.

In front of a high tec train.

The quiet mountain town we went to for our onsen trip a while back.

Ingenious method of keeping snow off the road. Water is sprayed from cats eye like things continuously.

View from the window of our onsen. That cage on the right contained a couple of bears, which i didn’t photograph for some reason!


Our drink store.

The traditional finery

The resplendant meal!

Tucking in to the Udon noodles.

Me too!

Snow with bamboo.

Pretty genki around here. Looking forward to popping back in a few months!

  1. not sure what’s up with your photos. try uploading one without zoundry raven and see if it works. or email them to me.

    1. carotte

      Good photo’s – shame you didn’t get the bears! Might make it over one of these days.

  2. Pretty genki here, too, what with the nationwide warm weather shortage finally coming to an end. Astonishing to see your sheep(?)skin coat is still going strong!

  3. good pics jul. like the small bamboo grove.

    1. Yes, very well spaced bamboo – I wonder how they do that; ours always ends in a clump.