A monthly chart of the ‘Beast’, as the GBP/JPY cross is known in the Forex world, on account of its extreme volatility and propensity to crush unwitting traders underfoot. Note the all time low reached recently! Is the tiny upward blip any more than a dead cat bounce? Or is it the beginning of a major climb?



Those knives on the wall – they’re certainly long enough!

News from the homestead:

We saw a rat in the chicken run, so I built a rodent proof feeder. Note the nifty ‘collar’ to hinder climbing:


Walking along the beach at Climping yesterday, Mama spied a live lobster in a rockpool, so she brought it back and cooked it:


Sleep of the gods …

… comes to those who take Iboprofen WITH Paracetamol AND Codeine. My thanks to the pharmacist at Boots for suggesting this.

I remember a South African dentist telling me an elephant with toothache can destroy a village in his pain fuelled rage; and I can understand why.