Hello hope everyone is well. How’s the…

Hello hope everyone is well. How’s the weather in your area of France? The weather forecast said it is going to be sun, sun, sun in Toulouse with a high of 30 on Saturday. It’s dismal here; rain, wind, rain, wind followed by humid overcast afternoons.
Looking forward to the spare room. Truly DESPERATE to catch up on sleep. Really looking forward to seeing you all and having a much needed relax.

Liv – I like the colour scheme, however, I can’t see how I publish this now. I think there is a button that says ‘Post it’ underneath this, but only half is showing. Is this part of the new minimalist design?

I’m not sure the squashed faces showing…

I’m not sure the squashed faces showing alongside the replies to posts or in ‘recent comments’ are an improvement on the full image. Jul looks like a dachshund and Liv a Halloween lantern. Also, the background colour scheme seems a tad unadventurous – I mean, there is no colour!

  1. And I look like a …

    1. … piece of pond life.

      1. I do like this ‘ease of reply’ process, though.

        1. How about giving a background colour a trial?

  2. I could resize the face instead of cropping it I suppose.