I hate word baloons. time consuming and pointless! hell, i say! anyways i finished the comic today and dod bought the ticket! woohoo i’m one step closer to NZ!

yeah i’m going. i drew a comic the day before yesterday, it just needs coulouring in. i’m in th middle of drawing the “lips” comic. gah! nothing of much interest has happened to day, i’ll post later.

Well? Have you decided whether you’re going yet? I’m assuming yay!
Personally, i’m off boarding in the epic resort that is Val Thorens🙂 Apparantly it’s the “highest resort in Europe”, so i’m thinking plush powder will be forthcoming. Preceding and following the epic six days on the slopes are mad, 24hr coach trips with 80 other york students. Frankly, i’m not looking forward to the ten-thumbed coach driver speeding his way through the mountain passes, complete with shear-drop on one side…. still much fun should be had by all.
Have you done the comics yet? What do you mean, no? WHY?!? 😉

this morning i woke up, turned over and drove my head into the wall beside my bed with some considerable force. added to the incedent a few days ago, when i had a seizure in the bath which rendered me unconsious. are the gods trying to tell me something?

the epic mis-adventure begineth!
today i’ am considering wether to stop of at the cook islands for a few days before going on to new zealand. much stress as a partake of infusions of mood altering flower remedies, to boost my decision making prowess!

Hail Jul,
What do you think?
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