No. 1

With Tresco and Freddie weilding their hefty blades, and skillful losing of tosses by Vaughany, we cannot fail to beat those Aussies – who no doubt are quaking in their boots at the thought of facing the bowling of Hoggers and Harmy.

Couldn’t agree more. And to think that only 2 years ago, the England team of old would have collapsed at the first sign of difficulty!
Number 2 in the world now is it?

Epic victory

Nobody’s posted anything for a while so I thought I should and what better to talk about that England’s amazing turnaround victory over South Africa in the 4th Test when our hero Tresco wielded his club of willow to such stupendous effect and good old Hoggie showed everyone what swing bowling is all about. As Geoff Boycott said, he always knew England were going to win …

More festive piccys

Solid and Slightly have a race

Solid rides away in to the sunset

New Year’s Eve revelry

Carotte is amused by Pliskins drunkeness

I have no idea what they are doing

I vainly attempt to ward off further evil shots by demonstrating that I already had a drink

planning the next iteration of the formula for the next round of shots

by god, they are dancing

we have created a monster!

to banish hangovers, we set off on a epic bike ride

over hill and over dale