Julio: why is your photo so pleasing upon the eye? Why do you have 2 eye brows? Artistic license?

Hail morons,

I’d just like to clarify for the record that I wasn’t slithering out of doing work at my own bbq. It’s just that Tan and Edd are far too organised. For example, I wake up at 9.30 the day after, don the old rubber gloves for a spot of cleaning, get down starirs, and lo and behold, carotte has already cleaned everything up, except for the beers which I dutifully do!

Anyway, how is that I managed to slice my foot open and drip blood all the way through the house? By being lazy? I think not! Caused by running back and forth constantly from barbecue to fridge, dropping a salad bowl full of kebabs on my toe in my frenzy. In your faces fools!!!

Carotte is now hanging over my shoulder so shall be getting a swift punch in the arm!!

Until next time.


well thats insane. half the people in the shortlist seem to have books bublished already! damn greedy lackfaces!

name on the blog button= good idea