A great time was had by all, on our Saga “River Cottage Experience” mini break. Unfortunately, I kept forgetting my camera, so was unable to take shots of the Monkton Wylde bread making day, or the final evening River Cottage banquet, cooked by HFW’s right hand man, who everyone was clearly in awe of, from ogling him on the TV.

My favourite moment was seeing the kids from the Waldorf nursery returning from their ‘outdoor activity’ morning as we baked the bread we had made in an outdoor oven. The teachers and children were singing a slow, flowing song, and they were walking in slow motion, too, crossing the fields towards us as if in a trance. It was like watching the Pied Piper.

Butchery instruction at River Cottage:

CIMG1935 (Small).JPG

Mixing chorizo:

CIMG1940 (Small).JPG

Cookery school:

CIMG1945 (Small).JPG

My belly of pork:

CIMG1948 (Small).JPG

Michelle’s belly of pork:

CIMG1949 (Small).JPG

My eclair:

CIMG1950 (Small).JPG

Lyme Regis:

CIMG1957 (Small).JPG

The Cobb:

CIMG1966 (Small).JPG


CIMG1972 (Small).JPG

Tea in Thomas Hardy’s conservatory

CIMG1982 (Small).JPG

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The Monkey, The Canaries and The Volcanoes

Our trip to La Palma 🙂

  1. not sure about the music, but nice video

  2. La Palma is named La Isla Bonita. Madonna sang a song called La Isla Bonita.
    Package holidays are a bit naff and cheesey – Madonna’s song is naff and cheesy

    = no choice in the matter regarding the soundtrack

    1. I like the door opening sequence.