Had Kashmiri Dum Mutton for dinner last …

Had Kashmiri Dum Mutton for dinner last night.christmas inflatables canada

Commonly known as plain rice, creamy buttery sauce and knee of goat. Using a power saw I managed to cleft a smidge of meat from the knee. Iona tried it and had a coughing and choking fit before mumbling “….cartilage…”.

Went elsewhere and had pizza sumo wrestling inflatable suits

  1. Fresh cartilage curry… mmm tasty! 😀

Hail Jul, many thanks for the books – g…

Hail Jul,

many thanks for the books – got them in two packs. I’ll be reading them as soon as I’ve finished the latest – ‘do not disturb’ by debbie bagshaw -a gripping read, possibly modeled on ‘only a factory girls’ ! All good here. two new puskies in residence – Geoff softened right up when he actually saw them 🙂 fitting in nicely and don’t seem to mind a spot of mangling. hope all good out there. Have you painted the statue yet?

  1. no worries! 🙂 put up some photos of the kitties! i have some paints but still havent afixed the head yet. soonest!

  2. pinkie

    Oh yes! Let’s see some photos of the new kittens. How is Nancy coping with them? What have you called them? Are they girls or boys? What colour? Awwww cute!

from the guradian this morning…. “Qu…

from the guradian this morning….

“Question: How does the post office make sure that 2nd class post arrives a day after 1st class

Answer: On sorting, 2nd class post is sorted into a separate pile. The previous days 2nd class post is added to todays 1st class post and sent out for delivery. Meanwhile todays 2nd class post waits for tomorrows 1st class post before being allowed out of the sorting office.

The cost of this addition sorting is borne by the extra cost we pay for 1st class stamps.”


  1. haha, funny:-D Though i suppose that it ensures that if the postie’s bag is full, that the 1st class mail is always in it.

Veg plot complete!

More hard slog this weekend. Fitted carpet to green room too.

  1. Let’s hope your cats don’t see it as a giant litter tray”

  2. Hammering in those posts into the rock hard earth and removing the turf from the flower border to bulk out the raised bed have not only knackered by back but most of my other muscles as well!

    Thankfully, there isn’t much more to be done…

  3. pinkie

    Lulu ‘christened’ the patch with a No. 1 as the last sack of compost was being emptied. Fortunately, she was so distraught by the powdery nature of the soil sticking to her paws, that she hasn’t gone near it since.

The beginnings of the vegetable plot

Started work on the raised vegetable beds this evening. Hard work!

  1. That looks great. Remember to leave a small pathway alongside the fence, so you don’t have to step on the bed.

  2. pinkie

    We are planning to use the concrete fence supports as part of the raised bed (instead of more wood). I found some spare patio tiles and some bricks down the side of the garage. I though these could be used as stepping stones between the veg. Do you think that would work?

  3. That should work fine.