Sleeping in airports

Having spent reasonably comfortable nights on softly cushioned benches at Gatwick, and in quieter surroundings at Gran Canaria, I can now report that the fiends in human shape who designed the seats at Malaga airport must have spent an awful lot of hours devising a set up that precludes all possibility of tranquil sleep. Should anyone manage to drop off despite the infernally uncomfortable and rigidly separated ‘seats’, cleaning machines like tractors are at hand to be driven nearby and left idling. My companion managed to foil the chair designers by inserting herself inside their preventative hoops, but her sleep was fitful.


Hey Jul

Jul, I am getting Sonic and Mario at the Olympics tomorrow! Bwah ha ha ha ha.

I suggest we eat a Double Whopper, play Wii and go bowling.

There is no party in the evening, that’s canceled (it never existed actually) but my sister is coming over. We can pick her up in Chi after bowling and then I’ll drop you back on my way back here.

Rabid dog

When eating at local restaurants, a basket of bread and a small platter of butter is often provided, before the main meal arrives. Last night, I thought I would eat the butter up in one piece of bread, so I didn`t get too full. Too late, I discovered the cheapskates had substituted margerine. I couldn`t spit it out, and still had the rank taste in my mouth this morning.

As they apparently say in these parts:

The dhirum is in the dog`s arse; and the dog has rabies.

Tintin in Morocco

The fleets of Mercedes taxis with their heavily moustached drivers are still here, looking bruised and battered, as if they havn`t been replaced since Herge himself was in town. The police in their resplendant uniforms, gimlet eyes behind dark glasses, are everywhere, too.

The local buses make Indian travel seem like National Express.

Apparently, according to a copy of Watchtower which a local Jehova kindly gave me, the reason for the dryness of English wit has to do with those who could afford false teeth in the early days not daring to open their mouths when cracking a joke for fear of losing their individually carved ivory knashers.