Surely not

According to these guys ( “this is the DNA of a bubble. As the months and years progress we should be able to track the UK housing market as it follows it’s path along much the same route as this chart. At the time of writing (Feb 2008) I would say that we are in the ‘Denial’ stage. Make sure you are strapped in tightly and get ready for the ride!”

Broken solemnity

At the crematorium for the happily offbeat funeral of a Liverpool supporting acquaintance, whose ashes are to be scattered at Anfield, I had listened contentedly to Hey Jude, Let it be, Imagine, and We’ll never walk Alone, crashing out of the disco sized speakers; and I was just settling down to absorb the nugget strewn ‘readings’ from various family members when I was horrified to hear, during a particularly quiet, pensive moment, the tinny sound of the William Tell overture ringing out from some idiot’s mobile phone.

Mortified to realise the noise was coming from somewhere within the folds of the heavy, sombre coat I was wearing to cover up the fact that my best and only suit trousers had been eaten by moths, it took me long, agonising moments of perspiration inducing self-loathing to extract the offending article from a squashed inner pocket and stab the switch off buttons.

In a Larry David nightmare I would of course have answered the phone in a loud voice and said that although I was at a funeral I was all ears and couldn’t wait to hear whatever the caller wanted to tell me. As it was, I had to shut my eyes for the next five minutes and simply pretend I was somewhere else.

Although this was a moment of sheer horror, as somebody said afterwards, the man in the coffin would have loved it!


Wow! Rio would love that! Looks like great fun – more than we had when we went sledging with Sharna at christmas. What does minion think?

Jul – I feel for you. I remember those interviews well. They darken my dreams from time to time. We were prepared and briefed though – non of this ghastry spontanious stuff. Makes me break out in a cold sweat just thinking of it. Though that is the kind of thing you have to do in class from time to time. When the carefully planned lesson you slaved over last night goes horribly wrong and the whole class are staring at you as if you are something they scraped off their shoe, you have to think quick – testing on the nerves I can tell you. Geoff suggests cutting your hair and frequenting the bussines world rather than joining the hippy convention. He feels that the hair may provoke a preconseption that you will doss around and do as little work as possible! hey hum – the rest sounds like fun, though i can almost hear the money pouring out of the coffers. why not go for some other jobs as well?