A choice piece of wordage from AA Gill today:

“What is it that makes English bodies so spectacularly repellent in the daylight? It isn’t simply the clammy, adipose, maggoty-white flesh, with its zits and lesions and dry, scrofulous craters. It’s the distribution that so noisomely offends. The softly curdled lumps that hang like fungus on beech trees, the swaying underarms, the double nuggets of cheesy flob behind the knees, the exhausted, stretched, who-cares haggis of gut, the shuddering, horrified backsides, with their wrinkled, slippery clefts and creases, the thighs pitted like rain on cold sand — all of it shaped and moulded and bulged by waistbands and straps that were hopeful three years and 4in past.”


well there are about a million police around london today, all because it’s a thursday. Bevies of suspicious coppers most probably ready to ‘shoot to protect’ and packs of hounds sniffing for semtex or suchlike.

Also i have a rather stiff neck from trying to sleep on the train.

Bring on Brighton!

lost blogs

yes, all july posts seem to have been mislaid by web-mania, our gosh-darned webhosts. maybe it’s time to change webhosts. or maybe it’s time to take regular backups!

oh well, i’m sure they weren’t important posts!

Oh and on the subject of thongs: disgusting.


As all July posts appear to have been deleted, I am handily reminded of an earlier question I asked in June, to which I can now give an authoritative reply.

There are, indeed, Tesco Basic Thongs, available in packs of three, at a ludicrously low price. They are black, and look unutterably repellant. Despite this, I might have bought a set, had the only pack on show not been XXL.

I still can’t get over how dispiritingly craven England’s cricketing display was.