First outing in Bertha

We stopped of at gainsford to pick up a couple of things on our way to the new forest (not exactly adventurous but we though we would break bertha in slowly). This turned into a couple of hours as Geoff and dod struggled with the insanely heavy and un userfriendly trolly jack – for those of you who are not familiar with this contraption, it is a tonne weight about the size of bilson, and it is meant to wheel under the van and jack her up – I would have thought this would be pretty easy but g and D seemed to make a huge meal out of failing to do this. As we don’t even have a wrench to undo the nuts o the wheels the whole process was a little pointless!
Ho for the open speces at last, and it starts to rain – ahh well, at least we don’t have to sleep in a tent. all was going swimmingly – geoff driving like a loon, Pibs snoozling in his seat and me in the back reading and watching the M27 go by.
geoff had looked for camp sites which were open the day before, and we only found one – probably because not many poeple are inclined to camp when it’s raining and cold!
after avoiding a few stray ponies on the road and a bit of bellowing form me about geoff’s driving/map reading we hove in sight of the campsite. There were ‘forestry comission’ signs everywhere. Geoff leaped out and strode up to the hut – after exchanging a few pleasent words with the inhabitents, they all came over to the van – possible to welcom us? No, to have a look at our toilet (noticed sign saying that all vans had to have own toilet) as we obviously looked like the dodgy sort. Luckily geoff had not chucked the porta loo as he had intended and we dragged it out and the bearded gut and his henchwomen looked a little taken aback – obviously their plan A had not worked -they then went on to say that the site does not normaly accept conversions (a slight switch of the lip and did i see a sly glance at the ‘no fear’ sign on bertha’s flank?) however, they seemed agreable to making a consession just this once (possibly due to the £10.50 the night cost us!). I cringed in the back as we wove in and out of the trees to find our spot – lovely, serounded by trees and almost out of sight if the other campers – we had felt decdely out of place as we drove past huge, gleaming, state of the art campers – most with tv’s! No wonder we had been hidden under the trees! bertha slid into her spot and tried to blend in to the countryside. after a slight discussion about how I felt about as welcome as a kick in the face and geoff opting for the austrich outlook we went ofr a walk. nive place the new forest – quiet and peacfull.
we would have spent a restfull night as bertha is equiped with a rather comfy bed, had it not been for the rain, which came in intermiten loud bursts thoughout the night. the rain strated to ease off t dawn and g and i settled down for a sop of shut eye – then Pibs woke up and the new day began! Sunny spelles spent walking around the forest from some of the ‘forestry comission’ car parks along the road. saw lots of ponies and generaly had a relaxing day.
all in all – new forest is nice – campsight over run by the caravan club – bertha great to travel and sleep in! ho for the continent and their relaxed camping rules!

9th September

What is everyone planning on doing on the 9th? Me, I’ll be getting married in Arundel Town Hall and then having a party / barn dance possibly in the village hall at Patching. If Nicky, Michelle, Tan, Geoff, Rio, Liv, Hannah and mayhaps even Jul (we will have champagne Jul!!!) should care to join us they would be most welcome.
PS Yes, Sasha is the bride 😉