see you later today at 8.45, tan.
right i had better cancel my account here as they will continure to charge me for it forever otherwise.


I am not sure how much the pen knife from granny cost, or the mag lite. if you pass the knife shop in Chi you could check, but i doubt it. and even if he did, they seem like the kibd of scoundrels who would demand proof of purchase and stuff!

Rather feel like coming home now…but hey, life goes on..


Most distressing jul. i’m sure you can go back and see her on a cheap flight as she is there for a year right? Well, see you on the morrow bunion.

I have a picture or two of scrumps which i take out and look at from time to time, and i shall miss him greatly. I hope the cursed bike driver had a nasty accident and was left on the road god rot him. Will phone from singapore with jul,


Hey jul,

If you read this before you arrive in Singapore, Tan will be there to collect you from the airport.


Dod: I just read your e-mail to Tan about scrumplet. Very sad to say the least!! Tan’s in the room at the moment so I’m going to have to break the news to her.


just got you mails dod. all i can say is, karma. and i shall miss him a lot.


thats the one. well i am baci in auckland after a tearful and rather painful, goodby to annika, and a hellish 7 hour long bus journy.the momant i walked into the acb backpackers i was covered in a clammy sweat, i felt faint and dizzy and my eyes hurt. godcurse this place and the fact that i have to stay there as it is so central.

i feel rather bad about leaving annika on her lonesome, most distressing. i have half a mind to shunt my ticket again, but it is too late now. crap.