I’ve put a password on the bavardage. Hopefully this will herald a new era of usage. I have my doubts.


yes, well I lost a similar amount to jul, though my choices weren’t quite so crippled. A couple of times I placed a bet early to get good odds, then the horse revealed itself to be fairly mangy and decrepid when I saw it paraded round the paddock.

As it has been mentioned, great fun was had by all.

It was my 24th birthday yesterday and I recieved many quality pressies:-D

Having got up at 4.30 in the morn – scrapped up would be a better word! we then wasted precious minuted wrestling with crip computer to try and print out the directions, but i ended up having to write them out by hand. We made our get away at 5.45 – still dark! Journey uneventfull but tedious, and we made it in time to get ready for livs lunch. He managed to complet my classy and highly exiting pressie from nz in a couple of go’s curse it!. The racing was fun if you like lobbing your hard earnt cash at the money grabbing bookies. I tries the randome luck tecnique. This resulted in me backing a mangy bunch of donkeys who seemed to find it stressfull breaking into a jog. A couple were led of having come down with some sort of pox, curse them, and my one exiting moment of the day was lost by a nose!!! A mugs game, but fun non the less, even though i was about 14 pounds down. James was 25 up having kept all inside info to himself and won twice!! A pleasent lunchings and tea and early to bed to recouperate.