Poo in a Pot In line with the current …

Poo in a Pot

In line with the current theme of poor kitchen hygiene; I found this article on the ‘Weird’ pages of the Metro Magazine website:

“Wife divorces husband for defecating in pots
Friday, September 18, 2009
Do not, I repeat do not, open the lid A Nigerian woman has demanded a divorce from her husband who would defecate in the family cooking pots after drinking.
Oluwakele Ogundele told a court that her husband Oluwafemi was a drunkard who abandoned all toilet etiquette and relieved himself on her plates and pots.

Ms Ogundele said she no longer loved her husband and he failed to provide for the family as well as increasing the dishes workrate. ”

Website: www.metro.co.uk
Accessed: 22/09/09

Hmmmm, nice! 🙁

  1. errr… nice…
    I like the fact that she mentions the extra washing as an important factor!

At breakfast this morning we had peanut …

At breakfast this morning we had peanut butter, strawberry jam, bananas and chapati on offer. Perfect opportunity for an Indian LTJ sandwich washed down with a mug of chai! Most pleasant 🙂

  1. That sounds like a tasty variant. Let’s hope the chapati wasn’t made with Ganges water…

  2. Surely, Ganges water is what the chapati maker used to wipe his bum?

  3. pinkie

    Hee hee 🙂