hail niblick,

sound like you are getting up to some fun larks!! almost as amusing as mine but not quite!
why are you travelling alone?? how come you havn’t got hords of friends clamouring for your company?????
sounds like nz is fun. Keep any fleeces you buy and give to me as it will be winter when we get there! perhaps not the jackay though. sounds a bit mpth eaten for my liking.
We are fending begger off in madurai at the moment, waiting to go into a famed temple and catch our train! enjoy, and what price the
fruit picking?? sounds like this had been a fun and entertainment trip so far, instead of the money earner it was meant to be!!!

Come in corporal meathead.
It’s the sarge here. Check out the local ale house if you need work and can’t find any ripping your finger nails out fruit picking! Make sure that you tell them you’re a pint pulling veteran from good old blighty!