Hello solid,
It’s Geoff here. Tan feeling the strain so taking a siesta while I’m dispatched to check her e-mails, read the blog, and compose necessary replies.
Suffering from a case of disappearing cash eh? I wonder why! Time to get down to some honest toil and work those fingers of yours to the bone, picking fruit for lazy people like me to consume who have a bit more ready cash!!!
Can you keep Noble House until you get to Thailand? I have about 5 books in the bottom of my bag which may interest you including Gai Jin if you haven’t already read it. Tai Pan was really good – I agree with you there! Can’t agree with your opinion of Ocean’s Eleven though.
If you do end up coming to Thailand early tell us, and we’ll put our skates on to come and meet you at the airport!
Still recovering from the ordeal of having a water melon thrown at me by a beggar cluthching his stomach,