hail all, can’t seem to read the other day. I hear you are running low on cash due to pouring it in the direction of manic bus drivers for the pleasure of 10 hour drives and the like. Why not start plucking a bit, and then come and live in the lap of luxury in thailand???? we are in ahnoi at the moment, and are just recovering from the shock of having to pay three pounds for a night indtead of one!!! also interesting food, as you will read in the mail. No one else wearing masks here, and all seems pretty relaxed on the virus front as there ahve been no new cases for 8 days. Keep me posted though. we have to get out laos visas sorted tomorrow befor we leave hanoi as it is the only place we can get them done. then eithr of to sapa for a four day trek, or to halon bay for a spot of boat cruising to the islands, namely catbar island!!!

see yous,