I recommend delaying your trip to Thailand (as you are booked there for 2 months?) and doing a touch more kiwi-picking in Kerikeri. Hey what? I can’t believe you are spending so much money! Best start earnign some soon.

sherri s. tepper:
“Many of Tepper’s books explore the consequences of mankind inserting itself into an alien world and running afoul of the complex and interwoven alien ecosystems.”

“Sideshow” – full of gods and such, sounds weird, but not bad. poor ending.

sfsite highly recommends “Singer from the Sea” – kinda like alpha centaui situation, but one “tribe” per planet.
also “Six Moon Dance” – sounds good. planet gets a visit from the “questioner”!!. much doom.
“The family tree” – ecological theme. not sure about this one.
“Gibbon’s Decline and Fall” – somewhat political (actually I ge the feeling they all are!). feminist.

Early work is less good aparantly.. “More impressed with the ideas of the series than the writing”.

I say, buy one and see:-)

24 v2: nay:-o I reckon we should just get the dvd!