Hail all,
mama, you can have both the trousers if they fit you, and i thinj the white one is traditional kerala colour. The trekking in sapa sounds like a bit of a streign, so we are just heading south towards the beaches ones again!!!!! Cambodia should be a bundle of laughs, wot with da killing feilds and such pleasentries. Wot be this kag ye be talking about, not mine i hope!!!!!! WE are goping to a war museum which used to be called the ‘american war crimes’, but had been stratigically changer to ‘ war information or something inocuouse as the stream of american tourists there was drying up. The lack of begger here is most rafreshing. and it is cloudy today, so a blissfull rest from the heat. Gl;ad you are getting all the packages. We sent grannies tea from kanniakumary, which was at the end of march. 28yh???? is it nice????

Well, must go and collect visa now,

See yas all,
love T