blogs and such

biscu, I’m sure I told thee about it! anyways, I added the three messages you left on the old blog. all is good.

easter will be mostly spent travelling up northward in the hellish car. The Mown Meadows lot are off somewhere in spain for easter, so it’ll be us three and granny. Hopefully there’ll an easter egg hunt just for me. The eggs will be ALL MINE!!! MWAAAHAHAHAHAHAHA! ahem.

All the web email places have the “end od session” disease – such is life!

Zorbing sounded prety darn epic! Though it might be a tad painful if someone landed on you…

I’ll have a custom-made hankey!

Spellchecker is by no mean slow – i must protest – but it does, in fact, not work. I’ve looked in to it and it still doesn’t work.