hail all,

just spent a couple of pleasent hour crisping up nicely on the beach!! pretty nice place here and shall be sorry to leave. well, we are getting a night bus in an hour or so which will be most enjoyable i’m sure. ed and nikki have chosen to take the day bus in the morn and fry in the heat of the day. Madness!!!!

I would just like to add my vote to that poll!!! try it out you moron, and if it is really festering you can leave, but it has got to worth a try for a couple of weeks. Just join in with soemone who is already doind it. I mean. when i get to nz it will be toil all the way for me. Geoff is even thinking of taking his suit and getting a posh job in an office of something. I’m sticking to the old picking!!!

When we got to the beach on the bikes we had spent all morning bartering over, (that was after spending a goodly few hours haggling over a couple of crappy bags to put new purchases in!!) we were understandably not a little cheeses of with the chizling nature of the yocals round here. Needless to say as we drew up to the glistening sea, and officious blighter indicated the bike parking lot to us. It appears that foreigners have to pay to park their bikes, but locals can park them on the beach. We cick up a fuss about this, but then remember reading that the general prectice round here is to wait until you leave your bike someplace, leg it over and steal variouse bit of it, and then when you find it broken, charge insane amounts to fit them back on for you!!!!! we pay up grudginly and head for the beach and a bit of relaxation. But no, we are accosted by many and umbrella walla, each clamouring that his umbrellas are the beast on the beach. It is very hot, and we have decided to have a brolly, but we are so outraged at the extortionate prices that we stomp of down the beach to find cheaper shade!!!! Edd, who crispd at the very sight of sun is getting a bit hot under the collar by now, and frothing a bit at the mouth, but geoff is in fin form, and head of to do a bit of bartering, and gets us a brolly for free provisding we buy drinks, and he also got the drinks half price!!!!! Noty be going, and we all settled down for a swim and read. Biked back to town on the pleasent dod still bikes which go easy on the back, and after a shower, headed here. Geoff is making marmite sarnies for the journey. Any chance of you bringing any from nz jul???? also many a chocky bar????

geodd got a chineze lantern (more baggage, but we figure we will just hand everything to jul!!!) .

Anyone interested in a vietnam teeshirt with a hude yellow star on the front?? Think it’s the flag, but they look quite good. not geoffs style, but edd got two.

Well, best be off, will mail from nah trang, which is were we are of to now.

Love tanya