hail, sound like this picking lark is money for old rope, so get to it you lazy fester. Had actually planned on you having a red t-shirt, but you can discuss that with liv later!!! Has someone changed the font around here????? the other one was better.

Apparently that happens here as well, but there is a doctor involved as well, involving loads of cash handouts. Basicallt trust no one. We are going to have to make sure we are there to meet the binion. WE being hardened and seasoned travellers used to the lying and cheating that goes on should be able to brush these tricksters off with ease, but the likes of the bunyi will no doubt hand out a few dollar in case they are hungry, ask to be directed to a cash machine to stock up on a few wads and proceed to glug quatities of their kindly offered rafresher!!!! Can’t trust anyone these days. WE ahve not yet met a kind local who does not want ‘dollar’ of you for something or other. it gets rather diheartening after a while. Apparently the peole in laos and cambodia are much nicer, and are friendly just for the sakem of it. The people here seem to have been brought up on: foreigner = many dollar. ask where from, say football is number one and then introduce money angle!!!!

Well, will keep you up to date later.
Mama, i am in process of writting a letter with lot of desciptions for you
Love tanya