well, just checked and it appears that the computer said that it ad sent, but in fact did not, and therefore i wasted another hour of my life!!!!!

we are in cambodia at the moment. Geoff is keeping me on a tight reign with regards to mailing time, so i will send a big one tomorrow telling all the tails in nha trand and such like. Cambodi is meant to be the pooorest state in se asie. You could have fooled me. phnom penh seems a fairly prosperous city to me. Plush cars cruising round, locals clad ib designer gear, and every other one clutching a mobile!

Well, we are needless to say in the tourist area, and thought that this was why the prices were high, but we went to the matket today, and there was not much difference. They seem quite a gentle people here, so g was not as brash with the old bargaining, but it seems that it is even more expensive than the nam here!!!

I bought a pomelo with no great hopes as the ones we had had in vietnam were dry and uninteresting, but this one was lucious!!! Juice, and also pink!!! Most pleasent after i had peeled it all, i fended g of and skoffed the lot!!! Well, he had jack fruit, which he has developped a taste for. Well, i’ll write a longer mail tomorrow and let5 you know all the news. Jul, you seem a triffle bored old chap. a spot of honest toil should eleviate the bordom you lazy goit. Do you think that money grows on trees as mama would say????

Well, sees ya all later