Working you say???? most amazing. If you want to stay on feel free. WE are going to thailand ina couple of days, but have many options. namely the islands on the coast or the north or indead laos before we meet you in bankok so you name the date and we will be there old chap. Work for about three weeks, night shifts, party during the day and then have enough money to take you round thailand ect without digging further into the dwindling resources!!! who needs sleep anyway!

Dod – cheers for the pics. The rock is classy, exactly right, and da puddlings are most cozy!! Wot about a pic of you and the mama toiling in the garden????

It is raining monsoon style in siem reap today. WE are sheltering in the e-mail place. Will now get onto freeserve for the next instalment.
Love Tanya