Haul fester, what price the timing of arival in thailand?????

Well, as you have not dained to reply blast you, we shall continue as planned. We are heading out of cambodia tomorow, and then down to ko Samet, one of the islands of the coast, south east of bangkok. WE were planning to chill there ’till you arrived, but if you are planning a prolonged stay, we will get on with the itinarary. The plan was to meet you, head up to khao yai national park, spot a few other things of interest on the way. WE were thinking of then going into laos as it seemes a shame to miss it, and coming out at the top of thailand, heading to chiang mai for a cookery course perchance, and then working our way south, atking in all the local sights on the way to bangkok, whic should take about a week up to laos border, week in laos and perhaps one to two weeks going down to bangkok. If you wanted to do this with us you wouls probable do fine by sticking to the original dates (7th was it??? wot time???) or if you wanted to stay and do a bit more fish slautering with the bloodthirsty caroline, you could meet us on our way back down, baring in mind that this would be three weeks later than originally planned. WE then plan to head south along the beachy coast!!!! wel, we wil mail wen we either get to chanthaburi ( the capital of that area) or ko samet (the classy island. That will e tomorrow of the day after. Get back soonish so we know what time we have to play with squirtlet. Mayhaps get dod to look into things, he might have a good idea. Have you a good list of non touristy things to do??

By the way, what happened to that bloke???

Gotta go, getting the bus in the morn, and we got up to se the sunset over ankor wat this morn at 5am. Needless to say it was well and truly clouded over. more about that later.

Love to all,