Hail all,

Yay we have gai jin, but might sell it to an unsuspecting traveler if the whim takes us!!!

31st sounds fine to me. Stay longer if you like and frolic with the pals, though we may be forced to do the diving trip on the pure paradise beaches without you!!!!

All the germans i have met have been either surly and sour faced (not an inclining of any sort of humour or oersonality) or loud and brash, diregarding anyone elses personal comfort on any bus travel!!!!! There was one ok one in india, but she was a tree hugger type!

So you weasled out of your job did you??? Craven that you are. It is not as cheap as they portend it to be here, and one dollar will get you probable a kick in the teeth but mahaps an orange rind. For the real good stuf like a grotsville bedroom which is like an incinarator it is so hot, on ko san road with music blaring in at all hours and the stench of unwashed sheets in your nostrie you must pay through the nose and it necesitates many a trip to the money baring tree. Geoff is just recovering from the last trip!

We stayed at the grand guest house, but will look those other places up for when you come over.

We checked out siam square. Many a snazzy shop all air con. WE slipped into macky D’s by mistake and were force fed burgars!!!

Good pics boglar. I could do with on right now actually!

Liv, sounds fairly epic, did many a training session go into that? Good luck for sat. Have you asked granny to come and watch you???? If not get on the phone, she would like to i’m sure. Or you could just phone to say you got in. By the way, I hope you are sending copiouse amounts of cards to granny from NZ Jul??